Spyros Lalis
Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.
University of Thessaly

Glavani 37, 38221 Volos
+30 24210 74978
lalis at uth dot gr

I hold a Diploma in Computer Engineering and a PhD in Technical Sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ). After my PhD I worked as a visiting Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of Crete, and as a research associate of the Institute for Computer Science at FORTH in Heraklion. Then, I joined the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Thessaly, where I hold an Associate Professor position. I am also a research associate of the Institute for Research and Technology Thessaly at CERTH in Volos.

My research interests are primarily in programming models, system software, distributed systems, network computing and ubiquitous/pervasive computing. I have worked on system-level and middleware-level mechanisms and corresponding software for market-based resource allocation, distributed volunteer computing systems, metacomputing systems, ad-hoc wearable/personal computing systems, reconfigurable computing and wireless sensor networks. More recently I have started working on approximate computing, mobile/crowd sensing and unmanned vehicles. Dealing with but also exploiting dynamic resource availability through system reconfiguration and adaptation is a recurring theme in my work.

For an overview of my research activities, see here.
The projects through some of this work was/is funded are outlined here.
A more extensive CV can be found here.
Most of my papers can be found at DBLP.

A lot of my work was done in close collaboration with other colleagues of the Computer Systems Laboratory.