PDDB 2020

Parallel and/or Distributed DataBases


Special Session organized within

The 24th Panhellenic Conference on Informatics (PCI 2020)

November 20th to 22th, 2020
Ιn order to limit the spread of COVID-19, the conference is scheduled to be held as a Digital-conference. However, the conference may be held face to face, if the conditions allow it.

Special Session Organizer and Chair

Michael Vassilakopoulos (mvasilako@uth.gr), University of Thessaly, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Volos, Greece


In Big Data Era, mobile apps, cars, GPS devices, UAVs, ships, airplanes, space telescopes, medical devices, industrial and scientific equipment, transactional and administrtive applications, IoT devices, the Web and social networking (among others) act as sources of explosive amounts of dynamic data to be modeled, stored, queried, processed, governed and analyzed for satisfying modern and emerging application needs.

Parallel computing (multicore CPUs, GPUs, parallel programming paradigms and frameworks), distributed computing (computer clusters, grid computing, cloud computing, distributed programming paradigms and frameworks), parallelism of storage devices (RAID, Flash Memory-Based Solid-State Drives) and fast networking infrastructures permit the development of Parallel and/or Distributed Databases that support such application needs.

The purpose of this session is to act as a forum where recent advances in Parallel and/or Distributed Databases will be presented and discussed by researchers and advanced practioners.


Contributors are invited to submit applied and basic research papers, as well as, position papers addressing topics related to Parallel and/or Distributed Databases, including, but not limited to, the following:

PDDB 2020 Programm Committee

Publication - Paper formating - Submission

Papers will be published in ICPS Series, published by ACM and included in the ACM Digital Library.
Papers should be at most 6 pages in length.
PDDB papers must be submitted to the EasyChair submission platform following the same submission and formatting guidelines as all other PCI 2020 submissions.
Make sure to select the category "Parallel and/or Distributed DataBases"
Details regarding paper templates and formating are available here. Note that "manuscript" option should be used for papers prepared with the LaTeX Master Article Template.


Registration & fees

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