Research Overview

Wireless Communication and Statistical Signal Processing

I am interested in the design of secure, reliable, energy-efficient, and high throughput wireless communication and sensing systems for a variety of applications. I investigate novel algorithms and concepts for modulation, equalization, coding, syncronization, signal estimation, signal acquisition and tracking, detection, and learning. I use both theoretical analysis and experimentation. Specific topics that I currently work:

Security and privacy in wireless communication

Multi-User Communication

Estimation/Detection problems

  • Signal estimation in a sensor network with concurrent wireless transmissions: [TWC 2016]

  • Energy-efficient estimation of human signals: [IEEE WCL 2015]

  • Estimation in many IoT sensors with a helping node: [ICC 2015]

Space communications

Wireless Networks (Measurements,Analysis,Optimization)

The second aspect of my work looks at how wireless communication fits into the bigger picture that is, how it affects the design of a network, its performance, and its optimization depending on the application.

Mobile Measurements & learning in wireless networks

Wireless video distribution